Round 4 Top Tables Update

May 21st, 2011

Rounds tomorrow, before ascending to the Top 32 Playoffs.  Here in Round 4, we’re about halfway through Day 1: it’s a good time to take a look at the top tables and see what Decks are being played there.

As a Swiss Tournament continues round by round, the players with the best records wind up at lower table numbers: the closer you are to Table 1, the better you’re doing.  Here’s a look at the Decks on Tables 1 through 10.  The field is still really diverse, because it’s still early in the day and this is just a sampling of the undefeated Duelists in the competition. But it’s a nice little snapshot to give you an idea of what’s going down here in Orlando.  Check it out!

Table 1:
Michael State with X-Sabers
Travis Massengale with Debris Zombies

Table 2:
Michael Lux with X-Sabers
Joseph Guzman with Chaos Junk

Table 3:
Jonathan Sweet with Six Samurai
David Keener with Junk Doppel

Table 4:
Andrew Salazar with Worms
Mark Vazquez with Frog Monarchs

Table 5:
Christopher Rodriguez with Anti-Monster
Nicholas Mendoza with Debris Chaos

Table 6:
Devon Mullen with Six Samurai
Christopher Lopez with Miracle Gemini

Table 7:
Jonathan Barber with Flamvells
Ivan Cortez with Miracle Gemini

Table 8:
Jonathan Cortez with Genex Chaos Plants
Jose Prado with Machina Gadgets

Table 9:
Elijah Gersten with X-Sabers
David Cooper with Gladiator Beasts

Table 10:
Paul Clarke with Gravekeepers
Johnathan Harrison with Doomcaliber Blackwings