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YCS Anaheim – The Numbers: The 5 Most-Played Decks

May 21st, 2011

It’s time for another YCS! But before we move on to the spectacular happenings of the weekend, let’s take a quick look back at the previous YCS in Anaheim, and check out the most popular Decks that were used there!

1. Six Samurai

Represented by over 21% of the competitors in Anaheim, Six Samurais were the overwhelming favorite among Duelists. The ability to Summon Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En first turn and lock down all of an opponent’s plays is just too enticing for many Duelists to resist. Now, with Shien’s Dojo and Elder of the Six Samurai from Extreme Victory entering the Six Samurai mix, we may see even more Duelists using Six Samurais and taking advantage of the power that comes with an early Shi En.

2. Gravekeeper’s

Gravekeeper’s were the second most popular Deck in Anaheim, used by approximately 9% of the competitors. Gravekeeper’s constantly remains popular due to the power of an early activation of Royal Tribute, and the ability for Necrovalley to shut down so many of the most popular cards used in the top Decks. But with Gravekeeper’s mostly unassisted by the release of Hidden Arsenal 4: Trishula’s Triumph and Extreme Victory while so many other Decks have risen in power thanks to these new releases, we may see Gravekeeper’s lose some of the loyal followers that have used the Deck since the release of Gravekeeper’s Recruiter.

3. X-Sabers

X-Sabers was the third most popular Deck used in Anaheim, representing nearly 7% of the field. The swarming capabilities enabled by XX-Saber Boggart Knight, XX-Saber Faultroll, and Gottoms’ Emergency Call have made X-Sabers a popular choice among Duelists ever since the release of The Shining Darkness. X-Saber Decks can take quick victories with big teams of monsters, or slowly dominate a Duel by using X-Saber Airbellum and XX-Saber Gottoms to limit the opponent’s options. When XX-Saber Emmersblade is reprinted in the Hidden Arsenal: Special Edition, X-Sabers will become one of the easiest competitive Decks to build, and we may see even more Duelists taking them into tournaments.

4. Frog Monarchs

Representing just over 6% of the competitors, Frog Monarchs was another of the most popular Decks in Anaheim. The ability for Frog Monarch Decks to stop an enemy swarm of Samurais in its tracks by using Battle Fader, or eliminate Shi En without relying on Spells and Traps, made it a popular choice for facing Samurais. The general resilience to Necrovalley due to the fact that the effects of Treeborn Frog and Fishborg Blaster can both be used while Necrovalley is on the field also gives Monarchs a solid matchup against Gravekeeper’s Decks. These favorable factors against the 2 most popular Decks in Anaheim made Frog Monarchs deserving of its popularity at the last YCS.

5. Chaos Plant Synchro

The fifth most popular Deck in Anaheim, used by just short of 6% of the competitors, was Chaos Plant Synchro. Like Frog Monarchs, Chaos Plant Synchro Decks are able to take down Shi En without resorting to Spell and Trap Cards that Shi En can negate. Chaos Sorcerer and easily Summoned high-Level Synchro Monsters can take down Shi En with ease. Unfortunately, Chaos Plant Synchro’s heavy reliance on monsters and Graveyard effects makes it vulnerable to the second most popular Deck in Anaheim, Gravekeeper’s Decks, which can strip the hand with Royal Tribute and lock down the Graveyard with Necrovalley. In spite of this, we may see a surge in Chaos Plant Synchro Duelists this weekend, now that they have access to a bunch of new cards that give the Deck a huge boost, including Reborn Tengu and Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier.

Don’t forget – you don’t need to run what’s popular in order to win. The champion of YCS Anaheim didn’t use any of the above-listed Decks, and instead gained the championship crown with an under-represented LIGHT/Gemini Deck.

The releases of Hidden Arsenal 4: Trishula’s Triumph and Extreme Victory are sure to shake up the field this weekend. Gladiator Beast Essedarii gives a tremendous boost to Gladiator Beast Decks, while Reborn Tengu is bound to make heavily Synchro-dependent Decks more competitive than ever before. Stay with the coverage this weekend to see which Decks rise to the top!