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QQ: Rhode Island’s Really Small!

June 18th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Welcome to Rhode Island, the smallest state in the U.S.A., at just over 1,000 square miles. With the tiny size of our host state in mind, we took to the tournament floor to ask competitors: “What’s your favorite small monster with 500 ATK or less?”

“Secutor! I’m not even playing Gladiators today, but I love that card.” – Josh Graham

“In my Deck right now, I like The Fabled Chawa. The discard effect really gets the deck flowing, and it’s a Level 1 Tuner.” – Johnny Nagel

“My favorite? Effect Veiler! It shuts down all those lucky OTKs.” – Brian Hayward

“Probably Maxx “C”. It puts the opponent in a tough position of either giving you a full hand, or to wind up losing their Tuners on the field.”- Andrew Salazar

“Vay- Wait, no.” Stopping himself. “Vayu’s 800 ATK. Haha. Ryko! A card like Ryko can ruin alot of plays, and it makes so many Decks viable.” – Ramon Mera

Effect Veiler! It’s so good!” – Chris Lockwood

“Ryko! He’s good in every deck!”- Audrey Tan

Mystical Shine Ball, when my opponents draw them!” – Dale Bellido

“Sheep Token!” – Alex Vansant

Rescue Cat – it was so busted in Sabers. And it’ll be Forbidden FOREVER!” – Brian Prange