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QQ: Your Favorite Side Deck Card?

June 19th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions! With so many viable Decks in the tournament this weekend, Duelists are looking to their Side Decks to get every edge in the tournament. I surveyed this weekend’s field of Duelists to find out which Side Deck cards are the competitors’ favorites. Check out their answers!

Debunk. I can use it against just about everything. Everything except Samurais.” – Oliver Tomajko

Rivalry of Warlords or Gozen Match because they completely shut down just about every major Deck.” – Nick Bottino

Shiny Black “C”. It gets rid of Synchros.” – Erik Bergland

Victoria. It has synergy with my Fairies and steals Dragons that are commonly played today. It steals Stardust and Scrap Dragon.” – Aaron Charles

Marshmallon, because Samurais have little way around it.” – Greg Cohen

Full House.” – Robbie Vissa

Maxx “C”. There are very few Matchups it doesn’t go in against, and it stops your opponent in his tracks.” – Mike Powers

Chain Disappearance. It’s good in most Matchups.” – Tyler Stechman

Gozen Match. It stops Monarchs.” – Nathan Soowal

Maxx “C”. It’s like a Cold Wave for Special Summons. It’s also the only card that can help me turn 1 against Samurais when I’m second.” – Billy Brake

“Fossil Dyna. It just wrecks Samurais. If they commit to the board too much and attack into it, they’re done.” – Rob Carafotes

“I gotta say Jinzo. It shuts down Traps.” – Chris Jorge

D.D. Warrior Lady. It gets rid of Gladiators.” – Danny Rambo