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Top Tables Update: Round 5

June 18th, 2011

In a Swiss tournament like this one, Duelists are paired against competitors with similar win/loss ratios. As the competition gets tougher and tougher, players are seated at lower and lower table numbers; the Duelists with the best records are seated at, or closest to, Table 1. A quick survey of the top tables is a great way to get an idea of which Decks are currently the most successful. We’re halfway through the eight Swiss Rounds we’ll see played here in Day 1, so now’s the perfect time to take a look at what’s being played by the best-ranked Duelists so far, here in Round 5. Here’s the spread:

Table 1:

Christopher Csikortos with Tengu Synchro


Christopher DiGregorio with Tengu Synchro

Table 2:

Robert Carafotes with Gravekeepers


Albertus Jackson with Chaos Piper

Table 3:

Anthony Alvarado with Hyperion Agents


Michael Egna with Karakuris

Table 4:

Sean Turner with Samurais


Cody Bodnar with Zombies

Table 5:

Patrick Clarey with Scraps


Luke Mattingly with Hyperion / Herald of Perfection

Table 6:

James Johnson with Tengu Synchro


Reinaldo Jose Lainez Diaz with Infernities

Table 7:

Guillermo Morales with Scraps


Steffon Bizzel with Tengu Synchro

Table 8:

Peter Nguyen with Frog Monarchs


Ryan Williams with X-Sabers

Table 9:

Gaetan Georges with Tengu Synchro


Ryan Bregoli with Scraps

Table 10:

Brian Ford with Samurais


Anthony Pascariello with Gravekeepers

Tengu Synchro is extremely successful today, and builds packing Tour Guide of the Underworld are making a big impression. Scraps are also performing really well, thanks to new cards Meklord Emperor Grannel and Scrap Orthros. Samurais and Gravekeepers remain strong, popular choices, while rogue strategies like Infernities and a lone Chaos Piper Deck are still undefeated.

The field here is extremely varied: whether or not that’ll result in a wide array of Decks in the Top 32 like it did at YCS Orlando remains to be seen, but we could see another wide open field in the playoff rounds tomorrow.

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