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Up-and-coming Duelists

June 25th, 2011

Angel and his Banishing Deck

Pedro with his Dragon Deck

Meet cousins Pedro and Angel Cortes, the youngest contenders to participate in the Main Event this weekend. They came from Mexico, where we first saw them at the YCS – Mexico. This weekend, 10-year-old Pedro is playing with his Dragon Deck. He loves the bleachers in the venue, the prizes, and his message to his friends? “Try to win!”

His 11-year-old cousin, Angel, is happy to be training against lots of different Duelists here, loved the participation mat and sleeves, and says about the event “It’s very cool and I recommend you come!” Angel is playing his Banishing Deck.

Bleachers? What bleachers? This weekend, we’ve taken over the basketball stadium at the Costa Rica Tennis Club!