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Deck Types at the WCQ – South America

July 2nd, 2011

Here are some Deck types that we’ve been seeing at the WCQ – South America.

Dominating the tournament floor are all types of Decks using Tengu. We’re seeing some variations, such as Tengu Scraps, Tengu T.G., Tengu Frog Monarchs, Tengu Blackwings, Tengu Fableds and Tengu Gadgets. We’re also seeing some interesting Decks too such as Agent Fairy, Stun, Worm, Flamvell, Watt, Morthtronics, and Karakuri, as well as more familiar Decks such as the Six Samurai, Dragunity, Gravekeepers, Machina Gadgets, Blackwings and X-Sabers.

Which Deck will win this WCQ?