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QQ: After Your Invite

July 16th, 2011

Every Duelist competing in the main event here this weekend had to earn his or her way into this tournament.  Qualifications were won through strong Regional finishes; Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series performances; or Dragon Duels.  But what’s a Duelist to do once they’ve earned their WCQ invite?  We asked a range of competitors: “Did you keep playing in Regionals after you qualified for the WCQ?”

“Oh yeah!  I played in like, seven or eight more.  It’s fun, and I love playing the game – no reason to stop playing, and you get five packs when you enter!” -Michael McTavish

“I didn’t play in any Regionals!  I got my invite through YCS Toronto, making third place.” – Alex Vansant

“No, after I topped in Dallas I started to judge.  I learned the game in a way that I wasn’t going to learn it just by playing.  I like to give my time, and I’m hoping to get more people to judge.” – Jarel Winston

“Yeah!  It’s good practise.” – Dale Bellido

“Yes!  Where ever Dale goes, I go!” -Audrey Tan

“No, I actually started judging.  Judging is really good to do after you qualify, it teaches you the game better.  Mechanics, card rulings.” -Frazier Smith

“I played in one Regional after that, yeah.” -Lincoln Lindo

“Yeah!  I got my invite back in August, so I played in about six more!  It helps me keep up with the game.” -Matt Highline

“There weren’t any Regionals after I got my invite!  Otherwise I would have still played, haha!” -Corey Encinas

“I didn’t play at a Regional at all, and I just got in through the LCQ yesterday!” -Greg Cohen