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QQ: Did You Make Any Last-Minute Changes To Your Deck?

July 16th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Over the past few days, Duelists have been gearing up for the World Championship Qualifier more fervently than ever before, adjusting their Decks in order to maximize their odds of triumphing over the competition. I asked some of this weekend’s WCQ competitors whether or not they made any last-minute changes to their Decks before they submitted their final Decklists. Here’s how they responded:

“I made it more controlling. I put in Kaiser Coliseum to control Synchro Summoning and swarming.” –Esther Binder

“I took out a Seven Tools of the Bandit for a second Smashing Ground because Plants only run about 5 Traps. I figured more quick destruction would be better.” –Jesse Choate

“I took out 1 Effect Veiler for a third Pot of Duality. The Pot of Duality is more consistent in my Deck, because I’m running Agents.” –Phil Chieng

“I Main Deck Effect Veiler now and I Side Deck Maxx “C”.” –Anthony Chiechi

“I added Starlight Road to the Side Deck because I noticed a lot of players are Side Decking Malevolent Catastrophe.” –Greg Cohen

“I added 2 Maxx “C” to my Main Deck.” –Terrence Miller

“I decided not to play 2 Deck Devastation Viruses. So far I like it.” –Jonathan Weigle

“I decided on my Deck at 1 o’clock in the morning.” –Russell Miner

“Just the Side Deck. I added in a Breaker and dropped Kinetic Soldier.” –Derric Brewer

“I’ve actually been running this Deck for 3 weeks straight. No changes to the Main Deck, but I put Closed Forest in the Side Deck.” –Brandon Miotke

“I added 2 Safe Zones, 2 Icarus Attacks, and a D.D. Crow.” –Justin Reyes