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QQ: What Deck Did You Qualify With?

July 16th, 2011

For the 1839 Duelists in competition here today, this tournament represents the culmination of a year-long quest that all led to this weekend!  The cool part?  Everyone’s journey to this tournament was unique: the Decks they played; the tournaments they triumphed in; and the friends and rivals they made along the way, they were all completely different.  Some Duelists have taken inspiration from their path to the WCQ, staying true to their previous strategies.  Others have adapted, playing new Decks and new cards.  We approached some of the competitors to ask a string of questions: “What Deck did you qualify with; when; and what deck are you playing today?”

“I played Scraps at the Toronto Regional in Toronto.  Today I’m playing Junk Doppel.  I have no boss monsters, but it’s worth the risk!”  -Dale Bellido

“I qualified with Fish OTK, the second Regional of the season.  Today I’m playing Herald of Perfection.” -Audrey Tan

“Gladiator Beasts, in the Last Chance Qualifier yesterday!  I’m playing the same Deck today: Gladiator Beasts!  I can’t believe I just qualified yesterday – 4-0!” – Greg Cohen

“I qualified with Gadgets, at YCS Toronto.  I’m playing Gadgets again today.” – Alex Vansant

“I qualified with Gravekeepers, winning YCS Atlanta!  Today I’m playing Agents.  The planets have aligned in my favor!”

“I qualified in Dallas, at the YCS.  I played Six Samurai, with Cunnings and Xing-Zhen-Hu.  I made Top 16.  Today I’m playing Fableds with just two Traps.  Main Decked Maxx “C”, De-Synchros and stuff.  And Tour Guides, with Dark Highlander!” -Jarel Winston

“I qualified like nine times!  My first one… I qualified with Blackwings, right near last year’s Canadian WCQ.  Today I’m running Samurais, with my own special tech!  I love Legendary – Six Samurai Enishi!” -Michael McTavish

“Plants!  I qualified in an Oshawa Regional, early in the year.  Today I’m running Gladiator Beasts, teched to beat the top Decks.” -Lincoln Lindo

“Back in August, I qualified with a Black Salvo Deck.  This weekend I’m running Karakuris, with teched Chaos Infinity!” – Matt Highline

“I qualified with Birdman Tengu, at a Regional right after Extreme Victory came out.  Today I’m playing Doppelwarrior.”  -Corey Encinas