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QQ: Who Taught You How To Duel?

July 16th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions! All of the Duelists competing in the WCQ today had humble beginnings with weak Decks and tenuous strategies. Now, they’re facing off against this continent’s best players to prove their Dueling prowess. I surveyed some of this weekend’s competitors to find out how they improved their skills and learned to Duel well enough to make it to the North American World Championship Qualifier. Check out their responses!

“My brothers.” –Esther Binder

“My father. When the show first came out, I was probably around 6 or so and liked the cartoon, so I figured I’d give the game a try. My dad taught me the basics and then I started practicing with friends before taking it to locals.” –Jesse Choate

“My friends back home. We picked it up from the show and just started playing at school. Then I picked it up more competitively.” –Phil Chieng

“Everybody at my local. I knew how to play a little bit, but watching other people helped me play conservatively, think about my moves before doing it, and avoid misplays.” –Philip Angeles

“I learned to Duel by watching other when I first started out.” –Terrence Miller

“Austin Kulman. He taught me, then I taught him a few things.” –Jonathan Weigle

“My brother, Eddie Amato.” –Nick Amato

“The rulebook. I read the rulebook and then went to tournaments.” –Russell Miner

“Yugi Muto, watching the TV show!” –Derric Brewer

“My brother. He was the first one who got all of us into it.” –Brandon Miotke