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QQ: Your Favorite Part of the WCQ?

July 16th, 2011

The good folks at Konami Digital Entertainment pulled out all the stops to make the North American World Championship Qualifier an event to remember!  The massive tournament hall is festooned with giant, eight-foot tall versions of popular cards: some of the biggest cards of the year are now literally bigger than ever before, and icons like Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En and Odin, Father of the Aesir are looking down onto the tournament floor.  The ever-popular Token Machine is back, letting Duelists take a starring role on their very own unique Token Cards!  Card display walls are showing off some of the most popular monsters, Spells, and Traps from the modern era, reaching back into the early days of Dueling.  Voice actors Dan Green – the voice of Yugi – and Greg “Yusei” Abbey are in the house doing live announcements and signing autographs!  And today’s Feature Matches will be played out on an all-new Feature Match Stage, complete with two incredible, thirteen-foot wide video screens!  With so much aweome going on, we asked today’s attendees:  “What’s your favorite part of the World Championship Qualifier?”

“The Feature Match section!  When I’m in the Finals, everyone can,” he stopped himself, and laughed.  No, just kidding!  But that Feature Match stage just looks amazing!” -Dale Bellido

“The voice actors!  Greg Abbey, the voice of Yusei Fudo!” -Matt Highline

“Definitely the Token Machine!  That’s really cool!” -Audrey Tan

“Awesome Feature Match area!” -Alex Vansant

“I like all of these giant cards, and seeing all my friends.  Every great player is here!”

“The big hanging cards, and the new Feature Match area!” – Jarel Winston

“It’s huge!  The room alone is incredible!” -Michael McTavish

“I actually like the Feature Match area!  Everybody can sit down and watch the Feature Matches, because of the video screens.” – Greg Cohen

“The crazy amount of public events!  There’s a ton of variety.” -Lincoln Lindo

“Voice actor Dan Green!  Yugi!  Easily my favorite part!  I haven’t had breakfast, but his opening announcements woke me up!  He made the whole trip worth it!” -Corey Encinas