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Tech Update: Beating Reborn Tengu

July 16th, 2011

Duelists all over the event hall have decided to use 3 copies of Reborn Tengu in their Decks. This has forced all of the competitors to come up with new and effective ways to triumph over it. Check out some of the tech choices that this weekend’s WCQ participants are using to beat Reborn Tengu.

1.) Doomcaliber Knight

Freshly reprinted in Gold Series 4: Pyramid’s Edition, Doomcaliber Knight is rapidly gaining popularity as an enemy to Reborn Tengu. With 1900 ATK, Doomcaliber Knight can take down Reborn Tengu in battle without fail. Moreover, once the battle is finished and Reborn Tengu leaves the field, Doomcaliber Knight will use its chivalric power to Tribute itself and negate Reborn Tengu’s effect. Not only will this stop a new Tengu from reaching the field, but it will also leave opponents susceptible to drawing more Reborn Tengus, which will quickly run out of copies to Summon after they leave the field.

Some Duelists are also using other monsters with more than 1700 ATK to power through Reborn Tengu and destroy it in battle. Monsters like Thunder King Rai-Oh are effective for gradually wiping out Tengus one at a time until opponents run out of copies to Special Summon from their Decks.

2.) Royal Oppression

Royal Oppression once again remains a powerful tech choice in the competition. Most of this weekend’s competitors are relying on Special Summoning monsters to overwhelm opponents, and Royal Oppression will stop all of these strategies in its tracks. Since Royal Oppression is a Continuous Trap Card, it will continue working throughout the Duel without costing you an additional card.

Royal Oppression is especially strong against Reborn Tengu. Normally, using cards like Dimensional Prison and Mirror Force is ineffective against Reborn Tengu, since they will cause Tengu’s effect to activate and allow another Tengu to hit the field. But with Royal Oppression face-up, a Duelist can pay 800 Life Points to negate the Tengu’s effect and turn the destructive Trap Card into a simple trade.

3.) Gozen Match / Rivalry of Warlords

Gozen Match and Rivalry of Warlords also work to limit Reborn Tengu’s power, and Duelists everywhere are Main Decking and Side Decking these Trap Cards. Gozen Match prevents Duelists from controlling 2 monsters of different Attributes, while Rivalry of Warlords stops Duelists from controlling 2 monsters of different types. Since Reborn Tengu is a WIND-Attribute Beast-Warrior monster, there aren’t a lot of other popular monsters that can be on the field alongside it.

Gozen Match will cut off plays when opponents try to Summon Reborn Tengu alongside EARTH monsters like Glow-Up Bulb in preparation of a Synchro Summon, and Rivalry of Warlords will stop players from Summoning their Tengus alongside Plant monsters like Spore.

As long as Rivalry of Warlords or Gozen Match is on the field, opponents’ options for Synchro Summons are also extremely limited. Tengu can only be used to Synchro Summon a Beast-Warrior while Rivalry is on the field, and can only be used to Synchro Summon a WIND monster while Gozen Match is face-up. Restricting the versatility of a Synchro Summon will greatly injure a Deck dependent on their Synchro Monsters, and Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match have become popular tech choices as a result.

4.) Maxx “C”

Maxx “C” is quickly becoming the surprise tech card of the weekend. Duelists all over the event hall yesterday were asking around for last-minute copies of Maxx “C” to include in their Main Decks and Side Decks for the WCQ. Not only does Maxx “C” help to counter a big Six Samurai push after a Duelist Summons Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki or activates Asceticism of the Six Samurai, but it also begins an immediate comeback if an opponent uses One for One or activates Debris Dragon’s effect.

But the uses for Maxx “C” don’t stop there! Duelists are also using Maxx “C” to take down Reborn Tengu! A Duelist can use Maxx “C” on his own turn and then attack Reborn Tengu to destroy it. The Tengu’s effect will automatically activate to Special Summon another copy to the field, and the Duelist who activated Maxx “C” will be able to draw a card. Then, by taking down the next Tengu, the Maxx “C”-wielding Duelist will be able to draw another card when the third Tengu is Special Summoned to the field.

By activating Maxx “C” and then attacking an opponent’s first Tengu with your own, you’ll be able to draw a card and then force your opponent to Special Summon his second Tengu. If he puts it in Attack Position, you’ll be able to ram your next Tengu into it to force an opponent to Special Summon another one, and draw an additional card for yourself. Maxx “C” can instantly swing any Duel in your favor, and the popularity of Reborn Tengu makes it even easier to pull off.

5.) Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo / Archlord Kristya

Duelists are also planning to beat Reborn Tengu by shutting off Special Summons altogether, with monster effects like the effects of Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo and Archlord Kristya. Players can’t Special Summon monsters as long as Fossil Dyna and Archlord Kristya are on the field, so Duelists Summon these monsters and then destroy Reborn Tengu while they’re face-up, in order to stop Tengu’s effect.

Archlord Kristya has 2800 ATK, so it’s able to take down Reborn Tengu in battle. Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo only has 1200 ATK so it’s not strong enough to beat Reborn Tengu on its own, but it’s still easy to destroy a Tengu while Fossil Dyna is face-up. Spell Cards like Book of Moon and Enemy Controller will help Fossil Dyna destroy Reborn Tengu in battle, and other cards, like Smashing Ground and Mirror Force, can instantly destroy Reborn Tengu while Fossil Dyna is on the field.

These are just a few of the tech cards that Duelists are using to beat Reborn Tengu this weekend. Stay with the coverage to see which other innovative strategies Duelists come up with to triumph over the competition in one of the biggest tournaments of the year!