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The 2011 Dragon Duel Championship!

July 17th, 2011

Welcome to the 2011 Dragon Duel Championship! 93 young Duelists who qualified for this tournament when they were 12-years-old or younger are currently in attendance, and now they’re battling it out to win a trip to Jump Festa and other great prizes!

Some of today’s Dragon Duel competitors have turned 13 since the time they earned their invitations to this tournament. Those Duelists are still eligible to compete this weekend, but it will be their last-ever Dragon Duel event. They’ll be sure to make it count!

This year’s Dragon Duel Championship will comprise of 7 Swiss Rounds, followed by a cut to the Top 4 and then a single-elimination playoff. There has never been a Dragon Duel this large before, and the competition has never been so intense. Today’s winner will set a new record and become a Dragon Duel legend!

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