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Final Round Feature Match: Robert Boyajian vs. Joseph Franzo

August 7th, 2011

Only two Duelists remained in this tournament, and they were both playing similar Synchro-based Decks! Joseph Franzo and Robert Boyajian drove here together from Missourri. “We used to know each other, we met in California,” explained Boyajian. “Me and a friend flew here from California just to visit this guy!” This Match would pit two friends with very similar Decks against each other. One would go home a Champion.

Boyajian started off with 3 Set cards to his back row.

Franzo’s hand was Dark Hole, Tour Guide from the Underworld, Pot of Avarice, Lonefire Blossom, Solemn Warning, and Giant Trunade. He Summoned Tour Guide, but Boyajian negated her effect with Effect Veiler. Franzo Set Solemn Warning, but lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon.

Boyajian Summoned Lonefire, Tributing it to Special Summon another from his Deck, and then Tributing that to Special Summon Dandylion from his Deck. Monster Reborn brought back Lonefire Blossom, and he Tributed it again to Special Summon Spore! He Tuned it to Dandylion to Synchro Summon Armory Arm, and Special Summoned 2 Fluff Tokens. He removed Lonefire to Special Summon Spore as a Level 4 Tuner, then Tuned that to Armory Arm to unleash Stardust Dragon. Stardust attacked over Tour Guide.

Franzo drew Effect Veiler. “Ohhhh, GOD…” Franzo groaned. “I don’t have a choice. I really don’t want to do this.” He activated Giant Trunade, then Summoned Lonefire to Tribute it for another. He Tributed that to Special Summon Dandylion, then ended.

Boyajian attacked the Dandylion next turn with Stardust Dragon, then Set his 3 back row cards again.

Franzo drew Enemy Controller. He Summoned Veiler, and Tuned it to a Fluff Token to draw Sangan with Formula Synchron. He activated Pot of Avarice, and Boyajian shut it down with Solemn Judgment. Franzo Set Enemy Controller.

Boyajian attacked Formula Synchron with Stardust Dragon, and Franzo blocked the attack with Controller. “I took out Shooting Star Dragon from my Extra Deck before this tournament, otherwise I would’ve taken the Stardust!”

Franzo drew Glow-Up Bulb and Summoned Sangan. He Synchro Summoned T.G. Hyper Librarian, and got Debris Dragon from his Deck with Sangan’s effect. Boyajian turned Hyper Librarian face-down with Book of Moon, when Franzo tried to attack Stardust Dragon.

Boyajian Summoned Tour Guide from the Underworld and Special Summoned Sangan with her ability. He Xyz Summoned Grenosaurus, then turned Stardust to Attack Position. A series of attacks wiped out Franzo’s field, and Grenosaurus’ effect was used to dish out an additional 1000 damage. Sangan got Boyajian Effect Veiler.

Franzo drew Reborn Tengu. He Summoned Debris Dragon, and Boyajian pitched Maxx “C” for its effect. He drew when Franzo Special Summoned Dandylion, and Franzo attacked Boyajian’s 2 Fluff Tokens. Franzo ended, not Synchro Summoning.

Boyajian attacked over Dandylion and Debris Dragon next turn, burning Franzo once more with Grenosaurus. Franzo Special Summoned 2 Fluff Tokens.

Franzo drew a second Reborn Tengu! He Normal Summoned Glow-Up Bulb, and Boyajian had another Maxx “C”! Franzo Synchro Summoned Formula Synchron to draw Foolish Burial, then… Thought a bit, and ended his turn. It was over a turn later as Boyajian Summoned Reborn Tengu.

Robert Boyajian dominates the first Duel, taking command early on and guiding the flow of the game all the way to his victory. He just needed one more win to claim his Championship title!

Franzo started the second Duel with a hand of Call of the Haunted, Pot of Avarice, Torrential Tribute, Maxx “C”, Solemn Judgment, and Enemy Controller. He Set 3 cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Boyajian activated Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying Franzo’s Torrential Tribute. Another Typhoon destroyed Franzo’s Solemn Judgment! He Summoned Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo to attack for 1200 Battle Damage, then Set 2 cards to his back row.

Franzo drew Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, locked down under his own Call of the Haunted with no monster in the Graveyard! He could do nothing but pass.

Boyajian hit him again with Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo.

Franzo drew and Set D.D. Crow, and Set Enemy Controller.

Boyajian attacked to destroy the Crow, then Set a Spell / Trap.

Franzo drew Chain Disappearance. “You’ve got me… I’m so screwed right now.”

Boyajian made a direct attack.

Franzo drew and Set another Crow.

Boyajian ran it over.

Franzo drew Spore and Set that.

Boyajian Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh, and attacked with that to destroy Spore. Fossil Dyna made a direct attack to drop Franzo to 3200 Life Points.

Franzo drew and tried to Summon Reborn Tengu, but Boyajian blasted him with Solemn Warning!

Boyajian Summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior, breaking Franzo’s Set Call of the Haunted. He attacked with Dyna and Breaker, but Thunder King Rai-Oh’s attack was deflected by Enemy Controller. Franzo had 400 Life Points left.

Franzo drew Lonefire Blossom… no help under Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo. He discarded Maxx “C” to get himself to 5 monsters in his Graveyard, then activated Pot of Avarice to draw Reborn Tengu and… Dark Hole! He activated Dark Hole and destroyed all three of Boyajian’s monsters! Franzo Set Reborn Tengu.

Boyajian Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh, took the Tengu with Mind Control, and when Franzo jokingly flipped Chain Disappearance in response to Thunder King’s attack, Boyajian revealed that he had Seven Tools of the Bandit!

Joseph Franzo offers the handshake, and Robert Boyajian is our new Champion! Robert Boyajian wins Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Indianapolis!