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QQ: Favorite card in Turbo Pack 6?

August 7th, 2011

With Turbo Pack 6 unveiled this weekend, we took the pulse of the floor to ask: “What’s your favorite card from Turbo Pack 6?”

“I’d say the Ultimate Rare Dark Armed Dragon!” – Jacob Medley

Fishborg Blaster Super Rare! I love Monarchs, and the whole WATER Deck is fun.” – Augustin Herrera

“That Ultra Rare Sangan looks good! I like my Sangan!” – Matt Hoey

Quickdraw Synchron Super Rare! It’s the best one! It looks the coolest!” – Hansel Aguero

“Dark Armed! I’m playing TeleDAD here this weekend just for fun!” – Joe Re

“Ultimate Dark Armed Dragon. I’ve been saying it should be Ultimate Rare for ages.”  – Michael Przetak

“Quickdraw! I’m playing a Quickdraw Plant variant today.” – Josh Harris

Masked Dragon Super Rare. I think it’s cool to have a Super Rare of another recruiter monster.” – Thomas Ferguson

Sangan! It’s friggin’ Sangan, man! Who doesn’t like SANGAN?! It’s got – three EYES!” – Chris Highberg

“Ulti Dark Armed! It catches people by surprise in this format.” – Paul Cooper

“I definitely like Fishborg Blaster Super Rare! I love Frogs, and it’s good with them.” – Evan Petre

Sangan! It’s an Ultra Rare, and it looks great.” – Joshua Matheson

“I’ll go with Dark Armed! I used to run him alot.” – David Mitchell

Dark Armed Dragon! It looks so cool… and it pops things!” – Phillip Pena