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Saturday Dragon Duel: Chris Moroch vs. Vinnie Silverman

August 6th, 2011

These two Duelists were undefeated here in the final round of the Saturday Dragon Duel! Both competitors are twelve years old. Vinnie Silverman is playing Gravekeepers, while Chris Moroch is running Six Samurai. Moroch is actually the cousin of YCS Champion Sean Coovert, who won his Championship with the same Deck. This is a classic matchup, played by two of the most skilled young Duelists in North America! Let’s Duel!

Silverman opened the Match with a Set monster, and 3 Set cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Moroch’s hand was Mystical Space Typhoon, Shien’s Smoke Signal, Gateway of the Six, Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki, Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan, and Trap Dustshoot. He activated Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Silverman’s Dimensional Prison, then got Kagemusha of the Six Samurai from his Deck with Smoke Signal. He activated Gateway, Summoned Kageki, and Special Summoned Kagemusha for a total of 4 Bushido Counters on Gateway! He removed all 4 Counters to fetch Grandmaster of the Six Samurai from his Deck, and Special Summoned it for another 2 Bushido Counters. Moroch Special Summoned Kizan, then used Gateway to get Hand of the Six Samurai. He Tuned Kagemusha to Kizan and Kageki, went for Mist Wurm, and Silverman negated the Summon with Solemn Judgment! Moroch attacked with Grandmaster, and Silverman banished it with Dimensional Prison! Moroch Set Trap Dustshoot.

Silverman drew for his turn and pitched Gravekeeper’s Commandant to get Necrovalley from his Deck. He never went above 3 cards in hand, dodging Dustshoot. Silverman Flip Summoned Gravekeeper’s Spy to Special Summon Gravekeeper’s Descendant, then Normal Summoned Gravekeeper’s Recruiter. He Tributed it to Descendant to destroy Dustshoot, then got another Descendant. He attacked for 3700 Battle Damage with Spy and Descendant, then Tributed Spy to destroy Gateway. Silverman finished his turn with Gravekeeper’s Stele, getting back Spy and Commandant, and pitched Commandant for another Necrovalley.

Moroch drew Dark Hole, holding Hand. The Duel stood at 4000 Life Points to 4300, with Moroch narrowly leading. He blew away Descendant with Dark Hole, and attacked with Hand.

Silverman drew to 4 cards and Summoned Descendant, swinging over Hand. He Set a Spell / Trap.

Moroch drew Six Samurai United and Set it as a bluff.

Silverman Set a second Spell or Trap, Set a monster, and attacked with Descendant.

Moroch drew a Kageki. He activated United, Summoned Kageki, and used United to draw 1 card: Grandmaster! He Special Summoned it and attacked Descendant with Grandmaster. Silverman answered with Book of Moon, and Moroch conceded the first Duel!

A big opening for Chris Moroch falls apart in a flurry of Trap Cards, and Vinnie Silverman takes the first victory!

Vinnie Silverman

Moroch opened Duel 2 with 2 Six Samurai United, Book of Moon, Forbidden Lance, Shien’s Smoke Signal, and Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan. Smoke Signal got him Kagemusha of the Six Samurai. He activated 2 copies of United, drawing a groan from Silverman. Kagemusha and Kizan hit the field, and Moroch drew Dark Hole, Kizan, Trap Dustshoot, and Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki by sending both Uniteds to the Graveyard. He Tuned Kizan to Kagemusha, Synchro Summoned Naturia Barkion, and Set Dustshoot, Book, and Lance.

Silverman got nailed with Dustshoot next turn, revealing his hand of Pot of Duality, Puppet Plant, Necrovalley, Gozen Match, Seven Tools of the Bandit, and Solemn Warning. He shuffled Puppet Plant back into his Deck, his only monster. He activated Pot of Duality to reveal Dark Hole, Giant Trunade, and Solemn Judgment from the top of his Deck. he took the Dark Hole. He activated it, but Moroch protected his Barkion with Forbidden Lance! Silverman activated Necrovalley and Set his remaining 3 cards to his back row.

Moroch drew Shien’s Dojo and tried to Normal Summon Kizan. Silverman negated the Summon with Solemn Warning, and took an attack from Barkion.

Silverman drew and Set a monster.

Moroch drew Kagemusha! He Summoned Kageki, then Special Summoned Kagemusha. Silverman flipped Gozen Match, and Moroch sent his Kageki to the Graveyard. He kept his Kagemusha and his Barkion, and Tuned them together for Scrap Dragon! He used Shien’s Dojo to get another Kagemusha from his Deck, Special Summoning it, and destroyed Kagemusha and Silverman’s Set Commandant with the Dragon’s ability. Scrap Dragon attacked to lower Silverman to 700 Life Points, and Silverman conceded after seeing his next draw.

Chris Moroch

A big opening with two Six Samurai United leads to a Duel-dominating Naturia Barkion for Chris Moroch, and Trap Dustshoot seals the deal! Moroch succeeds in pushing this Match to one more Duel. Both Duelists wished each other good luck before drawing their final hands.

Silverman Set a monster and Set 3 cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Moroch had Dark Hole, Shien’s Smoke Signal, Kagemusha of the Six Samurai, Greenkappa, Gateway of the Six, and Six Samurai United. First, he activated Dark Hole, destroying Silverman’s Gravekeeper’s Spy. Then he Set Greenkappa.

Silverman pitched Gravekeeper’s Commandant to get Necrovalley from his Deck, then got back his Commandant and Spy with Gravekeeper’s Stele! He used Commandant again, getting another Necrovalley to thin it from his Deck. He Set Spy again, too.

Moroch got another Shien’s Smoke Signal. He tried to Flip Summon Greenkappa, but Silverman blocked with Solemn Warning! Moroch got Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki with a Smoke Signal, then activated Gateway and United. He Summoned Kageki to bring out Kagemusha, and Silverman countered with Gozen Match! Moroch gave up his WIND Attribute monster, Kageki, and then used United to draw Grandmaster and Kizan – both EARTH monsters, like Kagemusha! Moroch had 4 Bushido Counters on his Gateway, and he took a moment to search his Extra Deck, then Special Summoned Kizan and Grandmaster. He removed 4 Bushido Counters from Gateway to get another Kizan, then Tuned Kagemusha to his on-field Kizan for Naturia Barkion. Moroch Special Summoned his second Kizan, then got his third copy from his Deck with Gateway. He attacked with Grandmaster, smacking into the Necrovalley-boosted Gravekeeper’s Spy, and Silverman Special Summoned Gravekeeper’s Recruiter from his Deck. Moroch attacked again, destroying Recruiter with Barkion, and Silverman got Gravekeeper’s Descendant with Recruiter’s ability.

Silverman Summoned Gravekeeper’s Descendant and Tributed Spy to destroy Barkion. Descendant attacked to destroy Kizan, and Silverman Set another Spell / Trap.

Moroch Normal Summoned Kagemusha, then Special Summoned another Kizan (this time with 2100 ATK). Moroch boosted Kizan’s ATK to 2600 with Gateway’s effect, then boosted Grandmaster as well. He attacked, but ran into Silverman’s Mirror Force! Kizan, Kagemusha, and Grandmaster were all destroyed, and Moroch used Grandmaster’s effect to return it to his hand. He ended his turn with 7400 Life Points.

Silverman had 6000 Life Points, and activated Pot of Duality to reveal another Gozen Match and 2 more Dualities from the top of his Deck! “Horrible!” Silverman laughed and took Gozen Match. He Normal Summoned another Recruiter, Tributed it for Descendant’s effect, and destroyed Gateway. He got another Descendant, and attacked with his on-field Descendant for 2000 Battle Damage. He Set another Spell or Trap.

Moroch drew Nobleman of Crossout, holding Smoke Signal and Grandmaster. He activated Smoke Signal to get another Kagemusha from his Deck, and Normal Summoned it. He Special Summoned Grandmaster, then attacked with Grandmaster to destroy Descendant! Kagemusha made a direct attack, and Silverman was down to 5500 Life Points.

Silverman had another Stele! He got back his Spy and Recruiter, and Set one of them.

Moroch drew another Grandmaster, and activated his Nobleman of Crossout to banish Silverman’s Gravekeeper’s Spy! Two more were banished from his Deck, and he took direct attacks from Grandmaster and Kagemusha.

Silverman Summoned a Descendant and powered over Kagemusha.

Moroch drew Book of Moon and attacked Descendant with Grandmaster. He Set Book.

Silverman Set a monster and Spell or Trap.

Moroch drew Fiendish Chain and attacked with Grandmaster, destroying Silverman’s Recruiter and letting him get Gravekeeper’s Commandant from his Deck. Moroch Set his Chain.

Silverman Summoned Gravekeeper’s Commandant, but when he tried to attack Grandmaster, Moroch activated Book of Moon to target the Commandant. Silverman negated it with Solemn Judgment! Both monsters were destroyed, and Silverman Set another card to his back row.

Moroch drew Six Samurai United and Set it.

Silverman Summoned another Commandant, and attacked with it for 2100 Battle Damage.

Moroch drew Upstart Goblin, playing it to draw Shien’s Dojo. He activated Six Samurai United and Set Dojo, with 1700 Life Points left. Next turn Silverman finished the Match with a direct shot from Commandant, and he revealed his back row: three copies of Gozen Match!

Vinnie Silverman takes a hardfought 3-Duel Match, to finish undefeated in the Saturday Dragon Duel with Gravekeepers!