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Turbo Pack 6’s Debut

August 7th, 2011

YCS Indianapolis wasn’t just the debut of new Decks and a new YCS Prize Card. It was also the first-ever chance for Duelists get their hands on packs of the brand new Turbo Pack 6! Competitors in the Public Events were able to earn boosters of this newest Turbo Park starting Thursday, and if you’ve never been around for this kind of release, it’s a heck of a show.

When those first packs go out, and new cards start getting revealed booster by booster, the energy in the air is electric. We can’t quite replicate that experience for you at home, but we CAN show you all 21 cards in the new set! Here’s what the Duelists this weekend are playing for, and here’s what you’ll find at the Konami Official Tournament Store in your neighborhood as early as next weekend.

Ultimate Rare: Dark Armed Dragon
Ultra Rare: Sangan
Super Rare: Chain Disappearance
Super Rare: Masked Dragon
Super Rare: Fishborg Blaster
Super Rare: Quickdraw Synchron
Rare: Zombie Master
Rare: Stardust Dragon
Rare: Red Dragon Archfiend
Rare: Black Garden
Rare: Armory Arm
Rare: Alector, Sovereign of Birds
Common: Fusion Gate
Common: Kinetic Soldier
Common: Greenkappa
Common: Creature Swap
Common: Magical Dimension
Common: Bountiful Artemis
Common: Gemini Spark
Common: Golem Dragon
Common: Transforming Sphere

Needless to say, the set’s gotten a huge reaction here at Indy! Check out our Quick Questions to see what some of the Duelists in attendance thought. Turbo Pack 6 starts shipping to Tournament Stores this week, and it’s only available for tournament participation and as tournament prizes. With a few weeks left before the summer’s out, it’s the perfect time to start hitting up your local, and raking in some hot new foil cards!