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QQ: What’s Your Favorite Meklord!

September 17th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions! When Team New World took on Team 5D’s, the Signers’ Dragons clashed with the villains’ Meklords in a 3-on-3 Turbo Duel that determined the fate of the world! Throughout the Duel, Primo, Lester, and Jakob, eventually taking the form of Aporia, Summoned their Meklord Emperors in an effort to rid the world of Synchro Summons! I asked a bunch of this weekend’s Duelists which Meklord is their favorite. Check out their answers!

“Wisel for sure! The one that negates Spell cards with 2500 ATK. He resembles Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En, and you can’t get that from any other card.” –Frazier Smith

“Granel. When anything gets destroyed, you can bring it out. You can have a 4000 ATK beatstick. Your opponent has to respond to that. It disrupts their play.” –Jeremy Cook

“Wisel. It negates Spells so you’re safe from Heavy Storm.” –Sorosh Saberian

“I’d have to say Wisel. Get a free Synchro on your opponent’s side of the field. And it’s Level 1 so it can make Formula Synchron, or anything.” –Denniel Santos

“Granel. You can drop it at 4000 ATK! And he doesn’t stop your other monsters from attacking, so you can attack with other monsters.” –Jason Park

“Meklord Granel. It’s huge and your opponent has to use a lot of resources to get rid of it.” –Zachary Zylstra

“Wisel. He looks stronger than the other ones. And he’s actually got a good effect, too.” –Franco Ferrara

“Probably Wisel. In this format there’s a lot of Spells played, and Wisel sorta locks them down.” –Paolo Veloso

“Mekanikle. It’s cool!” –Alan Hum

“Wisel.” –Nick Sui