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QQ: What’s Your Favorite Side Deck Card?

September 17th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The turn of the format introduced new threats to the Dueling field, and this weekend’s competitors pulled out all the stops to beat them. I asked today’s Duelists which Side Deck card is their favorite for putting them ahead of the competition. See which cards they’re counting on to lead them to victory this weekend!

Closed Forest. Not even a question. I feel like Closed Forest is a blowout against the Gravekeeper’s Matchup. It forces them to play abnormally, while you play completely normally.” –Frazier Smith

Forbidden Lance. It helps in so many match-ups and stops TG1-EM1.” –Jeremy Cook

Thunder King Rai-Oh. No wait! Leeching the Light! They announced a format where everyone is playing a lot of LIGHT monsters, and my Deck Special Summons a lot of monsters easily.” –Sorosh Saberian

“Right now, I’d have to say Effect Veiler. It’s just too good this format. Stops Black Luster Soldier, the Judgment Dragon play, and Black Rose Dragon. Effect Veiler is really good this format because this format is mainly based around Effect Monsters.” –Denniel Santos

“Probably my third Veiler. If you’re going second, it’s the only thing that stops a first-turn Tour Guide.” –Jason Park

Gozen Match. It wrecks a lot of Decks. It wrecks Dragons, some Stun Decks, Decks that splash Tour Guide… stuff like that.” –Zachary Zylstra

Leeching the Light. It’s like a mini-Honest that you can only use on your own turn.” –Franco Ferrara

Super Polymerization. I play HEROs and it’s just amazing. There’s a lot of targets including Great Tornado, which is coming out soon.” –Paolo Veloso

Effect Veiler. It can stop a lot of stuff.” –Alan Hum

Snowman Eater. It destroys Rai-Oh.” –Nick Sui