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QQ: What’s Your Opinion on Starlight Road?

September 17th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Now that Judgment Dragon is Unlimited and Heavy Storm is back in the format, cards are constantly being swept to the Graveyard in groups. Some Duelists see this as an opportunity to spring Starlight Road on their opponents, while others still avoid using Starlight Road in their Decks, fearing that it’ll be useless if an opponent doesn’t trigger it. I asked a bunch of this weekend’s competitors what they think of Starlight Road in the new format. Check out their responses!

“Originally, at the start of the format, I thought it was a staple. Now, since there are so many Agent and Plant Decks, I think it should be a Side Deck card for A Hero Lives Glad Beasts, X-Sabers, and Lightsworn.” –Frazier Smith

“It’s good but situational.” –Jeremy Cook

“It’s really good. I think the fact that Heavy Storm is back, if you Set 5, you can bluff Starlight Road even if you don’t have it.” –Sorosh Saberian

“It’s a good card this format because of Heavy Storm. It basically just gives you a free Stardust Dragon.” –Denniel Santos

“I think it’s good for Decks that Set a lot of back rows like Gravekeeper’s. I think it’s worth it to main 1 only, but I wouldn’t main 2 unless I run a lot of Traps and back rows.” –Jason Park

“It’s amazing!” –Zachary Zylstra

“It’s very good this format. I think it’s awesome because now it protects us from Heavy Storm, Judgment Dragon… anything!” –Franco Ferrara

“I don’t like it. I think it’s too conditional, it can be a dead draw, and there’s not that many cards you can apply it to.” –Paolo Veloso

“I don’t play it. I’m not going to Set 4 back rows.” –Nick Sui