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QQ: What Deck Are You Playing?

September 17th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions!  It’s a brand new Advanced Format, and while some of the most popular Decks of the Summer have been adapted for the new changes, many competitors have developed entirely new strategies.  The field is wide open here today, filled with old favorites and new rogue strategies that could be the next best thing.  With that level of variety and variance in mind, we asked: “What Deck are you playing, here at the first YCS of the format?”

“Nordics, because right now there’s not much monster removal, and that makes life alot better for this Deck.” -Sorosh Saberian

“I’m playing a Chaos HERO variant with Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning.” -Tanner Trachsel

“I’m playing a Dark Paladin HERO deck.” -Matthew Pletesch

“I’m running Lightsworn, pure.  Now that Black Luster Soldier is back you can do so many crazy things with it, plus Judgment Dragon at 3.” -Franco Ferrara

“I’m playing a WATER Plant Deck.  Hydro Plants?  It Synchros with Deep Sea Diva.” -Alex Vansant

“I’m playing Tech Genus.  Maxx ‘C’ and Effect Veiler aren’t a problem for it, and everybody’s playing them.” -Robert Boyajian

“Tech Genus!  Effect negation is huge this format.” -Vincent Tundo

“Plant Synchro: I feel like they have the most versatile plays, they aren’t as linear and predictable as Agents.  Your opponent can almost guess exactly what your next play is if you run that.  Playing Plants, I get to choose how I want to win.” -Frazier Smith

“Infernities!  It creates difficult situations for all decks right now.  There are so many different ways to win with it.” -Jason Larabee

“Macro Cosmos, because I felt I needed something outside the expected decks.  Everyone’s prepared for the acknowledged strategies, but nobody’s going to know what they’re really playing against with me.” -Michael McTavish