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QQ: Your Favorite Change For September 1st

September 17th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The changes to the Forbbiden and Limited Lists on September 1st brought a slew of fan-favorite cards back into the competitive fold of competitive dueling. Cards like Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning; Heavy Storm; and Summoner Monk are making a big impression on the field here this weekend, but some of the most popular changes were more about cards that were removed. With so many changes in the mix, we asked Duelists from all walks of life: “What’s your favorite change on the new Advanced List?”

“Summoner Monk to 2, actually. I plan on playing Crystal Beasts later in the format, and Summoner Monk at 2 gives you easy access to Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus.” -Tanner Trachsel

“Favorite change? I’m thinking Black Luster Soldier here, but I’m not sure.” -Matthew Pletesch

“Mystical Space Typhoon to 3!” -Franco Ferrara

“I’m really happy Fishborg Blaster is gone. That card opened up way too many unnecessary FTK’s. Even though the Dewloren FTK is gone, people would’ve still come up with ways to abuse Fishborg.” -Alex Vansant

“That Trunade’s gone. I was tired of people Setting a bunch of backrows without the fear of repercussions.” -Vincent Tundo

“My favorite change is the double Mind Crush, because most of the popular Decks today all search and show you cards. A lot of Decks are playing Pot of Duality now too, since it’s so much more accessible with the Collector’s Tin reprints.” -Frazier Smith

“I thought Lonefire Blossom to 1 was really good.” -Sorosh Saberian

“BLS back! Nostalgia!” -Jason Larabee

“Honestly, I like the whole list. There was not a change that I didn’t like, even Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning coming back.” -Michael McTavish