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QQ: Your Most-Feared Matchup!

September 17th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions! With no previous tournaments to key off of in this brand new Advanced Format, it’s anybody’s guess as to what you could play here at YCS Toronto. There are a few Decks that you’re likely to Duel against, but apart from the obvious suspects like Agents, everything is totally up in the air. With the huge variety of this weekend’s field in mind, we took to the tournament floor to ask intrepid Duelists: “What’s your most-feared matchup?!”

“Since I’m playing Plants, I’m most fearful of the mirror match. If they open with Tour Guide and you don’t, you just get blown up. Whereas if I play Agents, I’m not scared of those cards.” -Frazier Smith

“My most-feared matchup is Gravekeepers, because I Main Deck Miracle Fusion.” -Tanner Trachsel

“I’m not sure. I think I’ve gotta go X-Sabers. They have all that quick muscle.” -Matthew Pletesch

“Mine is HEROes. I find they can hit me so hard with high attackers, before I can get anything out.” -Franco Ferrara

“Infernities. I mean, Chain Burn is up there, but the new Infernity Deck takes the cake. Agents are pretty obnoxious – Archlord Kristya is more scary for me than Black Luster Soldier – but with Agents, you can at least play a Duel. If Infernity’s go first with a good hand, you have nothing.” -Alex Vansant

“Mine is probably the mirror. I’m maining 3 Effect Veiler and 3 Maxx ‘C’, which do nothing against Tech Genus.” -Robert Boyajian

“I guess Gravekeepers, just because they still have that turn 1 Royal Tribute.” -Vincent Tundo

“I guess Infernity. But everything’s pretty even right now.” -Sorosh Saberian

“Probably Gravekeepers. I’m playing Infernities, so I’m very Graveyard-dependant, so I have to Side hard against Necrovalley.” -Jason Larabee

“Gladiator Beasts, because my Deck is teched against everything else.” -Michael McTavish