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Saturday’s Dragon Duel Winners – YCS Ecuador!

September 17th, 2011

Here are the winners from the Dragon Duel on Saturday at the YCS – Ecuador.

Saturday's Dragon Duel Winners!

Saturday's Dragon Duel Winners!

From the left, Juan Alzate, aged 12, has been playing for the last 2 years.  Today, he came armed with his Blackwing  Deck.  He likes these types of tournaments, because you get to play against lots of different people and it’s competitive.

Luis Bastidas to Juan’s right , also aged 12, was playing a Dragunity Deck.  He likes everything about tournaments, but specifically Dragon Duels.

Next to Luis is John Cabrera, aged 12, who has been playing for 3 years.  He goes for the competitive tournaments, like Regionals and Nationals with his Gravekeeper Deck.

And the last of the Top 4 finalists from today’s Dragon Duel was Fernando Cornejo, aged 12.  He was here today with his Gravekeeper Deck, and enjoys going to tournaments to meet lots of other people.

Thanks for playing today, and keep on Dueling!