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Grapha Infiltrates the Judge Area

October 22nd, 2011

I, Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, have achieved an incredible feat! I have infiltrated the most secure of tournament halls, and snuck right behind the curtain in the back, to see where all of the Duelists’ top secrets are held! Most incredibly of all, despite my enormous size, I managed to go completely unnoticed through it all! And now I know which armies are winning their battles in this convention center/war zone!

So why did I do this, you may ask? I did it in order to update the world about my army’s progress in Dueling domination! I did it so that you can strategize against these top Decks and Duelists, when formulating a plan for your own Dark World army! Carefully study the Decks at these top tables! I’m sure we’ll be facing off against them in no time!

Table 1: Joshua Shaffer (Banish) vs. Cody Napier (Master Hyperion)

Table 2: Robert Boyajian (Synchro Summon) vs. Chris Barry (Gladiator Beasts)

Table 3: Jonathan Weigle (Synchro Summon) vs. Thomas Vo (Synchro Summon)
Table 4: Marcus Paternoster (Synchro Summon) vs. Nizar Sarhan (Zombies)

Table 5: Hansel Aguero (Synchro Summon) vs. Daniel McNally (Master Hyperion)

Table 6 Mitchell Tatonetti (Naturia/Water) vs. Eric Madaj (Synchro Summon)

Table 7: Austin Muniz (Synchro Summon) vs. Javier Trejo (Synchro Summon)

Table 8: Robert Brake (Synchro Summon) vs. Joshua Dickerson (Six Samurais)

Table 9: Ryan Spicer (Synchro Summon) vs. Christopher Rodriguez (Synchro Summon)

Table 10: Andrew Salazar (Master Hyperion) vs. Joshua Lewis (Master Hyperion)

There are no Dark World Decks at the top 10 tables right now, but I’m not worried! There are far more than 20 undefeated Duelists in this tournament, and many of them represent ME! It’s been years since my Dark World army has reached the top tables, and we can wait a bit longer! Just be patient – by the end of the day, you will see us rise to the top!