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It’s Time For Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series – Columbus!

October 22nd, 2011

**UPDATE** There are nearly 1100 Duelists in attendance today!

YCS Columbus marks the beginning of a new era in Dueling – the Zexal era! The first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal aired in the United States last week, and in it, a young protagonist named Yuma began his quest to improve his skills and become a Dueling champion!

This weekend’s tournament coverage is designed to help out Duelists with the same aspirations as Yuma. It’s for Duelists who want to improve their Dueling skills.

That’s why, throughout the day, we’ll be tracking the competition of Duelists at the top tables. We’ll evaluate the types of decisions that allow those Duelists to remain undefeated in the tournament, and we’ll see which plays cause some of those Duelists to take their first losses. We’ll also be tracking which Decks are surviving at the top tables, and noting which tech choices helped Duelists make it there.

Tomorrow, we’ll bring you a bunch of full-length Feature Matches, with commentary from the Duelists involved in them. Duelists improve by asking themselves what went wrong in a Duel, and now, you can reap the benefit of these top players’ analysis.

We’ll also have lots of other fun articles throughout  the weekend, including Quick Questions for Duelists, and YCS First-Timers, featuring Duelists who are entering their first-ever YCS tournament this weekend!

Follow this weekend’s coverage to improve your Dueling skills and see which Duelists, Decks, and tactics are making it to the top of the tournament!