Never let Grapha keep score

October 22nd, 2011

It’s just as I, Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World predicted! In round 9, there are more than TEN Dark World Decks at the top 10 tables! Behold, proof of my awesome powers!

Table 1: Brandon Wigley – Dark World (24 points) vs. Thomas Vo – Synchro Summon (24 points)

Table 2: Noah Cumming – Dark World (18 points) vs. Joshua Bequette – T.G. (18 Points)

Table 3: Calvin Tahan – Dark World (18 points) vs. Danny Deeter – Synchro Summon (18 points)

Table 4: Thomas Volpi – Dark World (21 points) vs. Xin Huang – Master Hyperion (21 points)

Table 5: Abraham Thhamos – Dark World (18 points) vs. Thomas Sheridan – Dark World (18 points)

Table 6: Lenard Hill – Dark World (19 points) vs. Desmond Boyd – T.G. (19 points)

Table 7: Nickolas Baptista – Dark World (16 points) vs. Victor Santana – Chaos (16 point)

Table 8: Justin Reyes – Dark World (15 points) vs. Jeffrey Hart – Burn (15 points)

Table 9: Triston Scott – Dark World (18 points) vs. Joey Pagan – Destiny Hero Stun (15 points)

Table 10: Patrick Hoban – Dark World (18 points) vs. Galo Orbea – Master Hypeion (18 points)

You might be wondering, “How is this possible?” How can it be that a Duelist with only 6 wins is at Table 2, and a Duelist with a 5-3 record is at Table 8? I’ll tell you how!

I’ve hacked into KTS to move my Dark World Duelists to the top 10 tables, so that all of the top tables are occupied by my army! Afterall, that’s where they belong. 111 Dark World Duelists represented me in the tournament. It’s only fair that 11 of them are placed at the top tables! I owe it to them as their leader!

There were 1096 Duelists battling this weekend, and 111 of them are battling for me! According to my Grapha-math, that gives me and my Dark World Army a 100% chance of victory!  If you don’t believe my calculations, tomorrow you can see this inevitable result for yourself!

(Editor’s Note: Grapha-math may not be compatible with regular math, or in fact, reality at all. Please do not encourage Grapha, he is kind of a jerk and really needs to laARRRGH