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QQ: Is Legendary Collection 2 Popular in Your Area?

October 22nd, 2011

Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years has lots of the most popular cards from the GX era in brand new rarities. Fans of Gladiator Beast, Elemental HERO, and Lightsworn Decks are thrilled with the new reprints in Legendary Collection 2. I asked a bunch of this weekend’s Duelists “Is Legendary Collection 2 popular in your area, and what’s so popular about it?”. Check out their answers!

“Everyone wants Thunder Kings. My favorite is the Phantom Skyblaster though.” –Tyler Harnish

“It’s popular for the most part. People like the fact that you can get Gladiator Beast Secret Rares and exclusive stuff like Elemental HERO Great Tornado.” –Mohamed El-makdah

“It’s extremely popular. Multiple cases were purchased.” –Shane Seuring

“I found it popular and I bought 2. I was looking forward to Judgment Dragon Common from that.” –Samuel Donnorummo

“I know I liked it. I bought a few of them. It was just a good deal.” –Ramsey McGraw

“Absolutely. Super Polymerization and all the HERO cards are popular.” –Greg Ingham

“Yeah, mostly all of the Secret Rare GBs.” –Henry Rico

“It’s very popular. It’s a great set.” –Jovad Cruz

“Yeah, Secret Dandylion and Super Polymerization are popular.” –Evan Petre

“People have really been loving the Lightsworn stuff. All the new holos.” –Zachary Rardin