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Tech Update: Grapha’s Recruitment Drive

October 22nd, 2011

I, Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, am back to report on the progress of my newest recruits and armory! I’ve scoured the tournament field, spying on the Duelists and their Decks, just to see which of these additions to my Dark World forces are most valuable. Use this information well. Use it to fortify your Dark World Deck. Use it to triumph in tournaments, so that the glory and power of Dark World is known worldwide. Don’t let me down!

1.) Fabled Raven

Do you know why the Fabled Raven is so “fabled”? It’s because they’ve all been recruited in my Dark World army! Indeed, a Fabled Raven was a rare sight on Earth… until now!

Today, Ravens are all over the tournament floor! Everywhere I look, I see Fabled Ravens teamed up with my Dark World army, pecking at their enemies and bringing ruin and destruction to every Duelist they encounter!

I’ve heard through the grapevine that the other members of the Fabled community are distraught by the fact that their strongest prospect has joined the Dark World army in our quest for domination. But that’s the price they pay for their weakness! Fabled Raven is being put to better use in MY army. It is way more valuable to us than it ever was as part of the Fabled forces. Its power to discard our Dark World allies as part of its effect, rather than as a mere cost, makes it the perfect match for us!

2.) Tour Guide From the Underworld

I’ve already boasted about our recruitment of Tour Guide From the Underworld when I took over the Strategy Site, but this weekend, her true powers have been recognized! Everywhere I turn, another Tour Guide is ushering Broww from the Deck to the field, setting up for the victory of our Dark World forces. Duelists have been recoiling in horror every time she struck the field – and I’m sure that it’s her power, and not her appearance, that elicits that reaction.

For you see, when Duelists see Tour Guide From the Underworld activate her effect, they know the pain that’s in store for them. They know that Broww or Sangan will follow her. From there, a Rank 3 Xyz Monster may be formed, a Morphing Jar may be recruited, or most terrifyingly of all, I might strike the field by commanding Broww to retreat after Tour Guide Summons him!

I truly do enjoy doing this. Rescuing Broww after he’s Summoned by Tour Guide, and then taking control of a Duel thanks to Tour Guide’s setup, has become one of my new favorite pastimes. It’s like every day is Graphaday when Tour Guide From the Underworld comes out to play!

3.) Dragged Down into the Grave

Ah, the Graveyard! My favorite place to send things! Dark World Duelists throughout the tournament hall are using Dragged Down into the Grave as an homage to me! Obviously!… right?

Dragged Down into the Grave lets both Duelists discard an opponent’s card to the Graveyard. Of course, my Dark World Duelists are a clever group. They pick our enemies’ best card to send there, stripping our opponents of any hope they had of winning! Plus, Dark World Duelists only activate Dragged Down into the Grave when there’s nothing but Dark World monsters in their own hand. That means they’ll always get the effect of a Dark World monster when they activate Dragged Down into the Grave, strengthening our Dark World forces! If I’M discarded, I’ll also be placed in prime position to Summon myself back to the field!

Enemies get weaker, and we get stronger! Dragged Down into the Grave is perfectly symbolic of the goals of the Dark World army!

4.) Mind Crush

The Dark World army NEVER loses, and Mind Crush proves it!

Cowardly Duelists are afraid of using Mind Crush. “What if I name the wrong card when I activate it?”, they worry. “What if it forces me to discard a card from my own hand?”, they fear.

But the Dark World army does not stand for such cowardice! We Dark World monsters are a fearless group, and we will activate Mind Crush whether or not we’re certain that our opponent has a specific card in his hand. For if we name the right card, our opponent will lose his strongest weapon or soldier, along with any prospect for victory! And we name the “wrong” card, our Dark World powers are unleashed instead!

Like Dragged Down into the Grave, Dark World Duelists use Mind Crush when only Dark World monsters reside in their hand! Then whichever Dark World monster is randomly discarded by Mind Crush’s effect, will have the privilege of unleashing its effect! An effect like MINE is even better than discarding a card from an opponent’s hand! As you can see, there are no “wrong” choices with Mind Crush. There are only choices that lay waste to our opponent’s cards, and choices that empower our forces to make us unbeatable!

All of these tools of the Dark World forces made appearances by my army in the top 10 tables of Round 5! Fabled Raven, Tour Guide From the Underworld, Dragged Down into the Graveyard, and Mind Crush were used by all 3 of my elite Duelists at the top!

No matter what approach my Dark World Duelists take, we always will emerge on top!

Now you know some of the best tricks outside of the Dark World that my army currently has up its sleeve! Use them wisely and make me proud!