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YCS Columbus – The Grapha-termath

October 25th, 2011

You couldn’t possibly think that I’d allow a mere mortal to have the last word on YCS Columbus! Only I, Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, am worthy of that honor! Only I am worthy of informing Duelists about the outcome of the weekend’s battles!

And what a glorious event this weekend was! True, my Dark World forces didn’t live quite up to my expectations. In fact, it’s true that no members of my Dark World army made it into the Top 32. But nevertheless, this is a victory for the Dark World! A victory for ME, Grapha!

Are you confused? Are you having trouble understanding why I can be so confident at a time like this, when it looks like my army has reached its demise?

Allow me to explain. I have gained invaluable information this weekend! I now know that Synchro-reliant Duelists will be the most resistive of our Dark World conquest, and I now know that their Synchro Summon Decks are the Decks we must triumph over!

And, as a fortunate coincidence, my new Trap arriving in Photon Shockwave is extremely good for beating these Decks! Once Spore, Glow-Up Bulb, and Dandylion are banished by my Dark Smog, we monsters of the Dark World will have the last laugh against all of those Duelists who arrogantly paraded around the convention center, boasting about their triumph over the darkness!

And it’s not like those Duelists are immune to my allure either. They have more Fiends in their Decks than any other Type of monster, why they’re practically working for me already! They’ll surely change their tune once my Dark Smog rolls over them and chokes out the unworthy from their Deck.

The world cannot escape the darkness forever! In due time, my Dark World army will rise again!