YCS Columbus First-Timers!

October 22nd, 2011

More than 1,000 Duelists traveled to Columbus to compete in the YCS event this weekend. Some of them are veteran players who have competed in many tournaments before. Others are less experienced, and not as used to the tournament scene. Check out 4 of the YCS first-timers that entered their first ever YCS tournament this weekend!

11-year-old Tanner Lawrence from Cincinnati, Ohio competed in his first-ever YCS this weekend. He ran a Synchro based Deck in the Main Event, featuring his favorite Synchro Monster, Colossal Fighter! He dropped after the second round of the Main Event to enter the Dragon Duels, and then went 4-2 in the 12-and-under tournament! Take a look at Tanner Lawrence holding up his Colossal Fighter!


Tommy Rowe is 12 years old and traveled here from Cleveland, Ohio to compete in this weekend’s tournament. He went 5-1 in the Dragon Duel tournament using Dark Worlds, and the only Deck he lost to was Lightsworn. His favorite Dark World monster is Broww, Huntsman of Dark World. “Broww’s my dude,” he said. “Vanity’s Fiend won me a lot of games too. I Summoned it, and after they destroyed it, I banished it with The Gates of Dark World.” Sounds like Tommy Rowe has a cool teched out Dark World Deck! Here’s a picture of Tommy holding up his favorite Dark World monster, Broww!


9-year-old Xavier Tahtabrounian from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania flew to Pittsburgh and then drove the rest of the way to get here. He ran a Lightsworn Deck in the tournament, featuring his favorite monster, Judgment Dragon. “I had fun and I think I did pretty good,” he told me. “I went 4-2 and got 10th place in the Dragon Duel.”

15-year-old Oliver Tahtabrounian came here with his brother Xavier, and participated in the YCS with a Plant Tengu Deck. “I started off good, but I just didn’t get the cards I needed,” he said, recounting his experience in the Main Event. When I asked him about his YCS experience, he answered, “I didn’t think there’d be this many people. I thought there’d be a lot, but not this many. Overall it was really fun and I got to meet new people. Pretty cool!” His favorite monster is Dandylion. Take a look at Xavier and his brother Oliver holding up their favorite monsters!