Grapha Tech Update

November 19th, 2011

Duelists of the mortal coil, I bear foreboding news! At long last, my Dark World army’s most secret weapon has arrived – my Dark Smog is finally ready to settle in!

This secret weapon has been in the making for some time. And once I managed to finalize the specifications of this weapon, my Dark World army and I needed to wait even longer for it get here! For you see, it wasn’t until Photon Shockwave entered the fray that I had a means of getting this weapon into the hands of Duelists!

Much planning went into the creation of this Dark Smog. I commanded my Dark World engineers to take down the most formidable opposition to my army. They studied Decks that had become increasingly more reliant on their Graveyards to capture victories. After watching some fierce Duels, patterns began to emerge:

1. Dandylion kept getting Special Summoned by Debris Dragon, and The Agent of Mystery – Earth kept getting banished from the Graveyard to serve Master Hyperion.

2. Monsters like Spore, Glow-Up Bulb, Necro Gardna, and T.G. Rush Rhino used their effects from the Graveyard to help bring victory in Duels. Spell and Trap Cards like Pot of Avarice, Monster Reborn, and Call of the Haunted recycled monsters from the Graveyard and created Duel-changing situations.

I quickly realized that, in order for Dark World to triumph, these must stop.


Enough of these old strategies! Monsters in the Graveyard (other than ourselves, of course) are not worthy of returning! We Dark World monsters are masters of decimation! Only we should be able to decide when fallen monsters may return from the Graveyard, or when they may serve a purpose after being defeated!

As soon as I was inspired to create my Dark Smog, I gradually saw my plans for its creation come to fruition. Now, Dark Smog will finally put an end to all of this “living Graveyard” nonsense. Dark Smog banishes a monster each turn, and once a monster is banished by Dark Smog, it’s gone for good, never to return!

Even the clever Duelists that don’t rely on their Graveyards are not immune to my Dark Smog’s powers. Even Duelists constantly banishing their Rescue Rabbits will eventually find themselves with a monster in the Graveyard. And even if those Duelists don’t need that monster there, my Dark Smog provides my Dark World army with a reliable engine of destruction.

For you see, even when banishing an opponent’s monster is trivial, Dark Smog allows a Dark World monster to be discarded on either turn. Discard me, and a Dark World victory is assured!

I have given all of my Dark World Duelists a powerful weapon to use against our foes. Use it to bring fame and glory to my Dark World army. Do NOT fail us.