Prize Card Playoffs

November 20th, 2011

At the close of every Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event, 2 final prize cards are given away, one card each to the winner of 2 special 4-player mini-tournaments. One of the tournaments consists of 4 players randomly chosen from all the Duelists in attendance this weekend. The other is filled with 4 players from those who played in the Public Events throughout the weekend.

Those 8 Duelists duke it out in their 4-player tournaments for one last chance to go home with a prize card this weekend!

In this weekend’s Prize Card Playoffs:

In the Public Events Playoff, Carolyn Colajezzi from Philadelphia, piloting her Dino Rabbit Deck, defeated Billy Brake from Dallas Texas, playing his Synchro-heavy Deck.

In the Random Playoff, Tyler Woodall from Memphis used his Synchro-heavy Deck to defeat Saul Ruiz from Downers Grove, Illinois, who was running Dino Rabbits.