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Top 8 to the Top – Final Round Pairings

November 20th, 2011

The final rounds were fast and furious here in Kansas City! Here’s how it all unfolded:

Top 8

Derek Rouse (playing Karakuri) defeated Alberto Gonzalez (playing Dino Rabbits)
Courtney Waller (playing Chaos) defeated Patrick Hoban (playing a Synchro-heavy Deck)
Michael Boyd (playing a Synchro-heavy Deck) defeated Bobby Brake (playing Dino Rabbits)
Chris Biswell (playing a Synchro-heavy Deck) defeated Samuel Jones (playing Dino Rabbits)


Play then immediate moved to the Semi-Finals, where Chaos faced Karakuri and the last two Synchro-heavy Decks squared off in a mirror match:

Courtney Waller (playing Chaos) defeated Derek Rouse (playing Karakuri)
Chris Biswell defeated Michael Boyd (both playing Synchro-heavy Decks)

And that set the field for Chaos vs. Synchro in the finals!