YCS Kansas City is Underway!

November 19th, 2011

Welcome to the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event of the Photon Shockwave season, and the last North American YCS of 2012! We’re in store for an intense weekend of Dueling, culminating in the answers to everyone’s most pressing questions:

  • Will Synchro-heavy Decks finally be displaced by a new top contender?
  • Will Rescue Rabbit’s hop onto the tournament scene prove fatal to the Duelists not allied with it?
  • Will Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World finally lead his Dark World army into the Top 32, with the added power of Dark Smog?
  • Will Billy Brake win his third YCS in a row?

By the end of this weekend, all of these questions will be answered, and the identity of the YCS Kansas City winner will be known.

In total, 630 Duelists are “feelin’ the flow” and excited to Duel their hardest to make it to the top. They’re aiming to high-five the sky and will let nothing get in their way of victory. Follow our coverage all weekend to track their progress in the tournament. YCS Kansas City 2011 is here!