Here are our Bounty Players!

February 4th, 2012

As with any YCS, we’ve chosen 10 players from all those who pre-registered on Friday.  In Guadalajara, we chose some international players who pre-registered, and also players that are here representing their Official Tournament Stores (OTS).

From Mexico:

Leopoldo Briones Flores, representing his OTS, Thundera Cards of Madero, Mexico


Angel Flores, who we’ve seen both as a judge at premier events and Duel in some North American YCS, representing his OTS, Meta Gamezone of Tijuana, Mexico

Angel Flores

Francisco Javier Morales Alcaraz, from OTS Universal Comics, Guadalajara, Mexico


Jorge Antonio Ortega Medina, from OTS Dungeon Games & Toys, Morelia, Mexico

Jorge Medina

Carlos Gustavo Romo Lopez, from OTS Freak Shop, Zacatecas, Mexico


Angel Manuel Somarriba Linares from OTS the Judge Store, Veracruz, Mexico

Angel Linares

Jonhathan SebastianVazquez Herrera, from OTS Monster Sprim, Mexico D.F., Mexico


And our international players:

Joshua Adam Graham, our only player from Canada that pre-registered

Joshua Graham

Barrett Arthur Keys from the United States, one of 5 players from the US who pre-registered, chosen randomly


Julian Alfredo Riveros Beltran from Colombia, our host country for the WCQ – South America


Special thanks to our OTS Universal Comics, who’s helping us with the Public Events.

Good luck to you all!