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QQ: What Did You Think of Six Samurai Winning YCS Guadalajara?

February 18th, 2012

QQ stands for Quick Questions! YCS Guadalajara was the first YCS that permitted use of the new Wind-Up and Inzektor monsters. That’s why a lot of Duelists expected one of those 2 themes to win the tournament. But at the end of the weekend, the Six Samurai took the victory, emerging at the top of a diverse Top 32. I surveyed the field of Duelists here in Atlanta to see what they thought of Six Samurais winning the most recent YCS. Here’s how they answered:

“I thought they would top because they’re popular in Mexico, but winning!? Shocked…” –Dominique Roberts

“I had predicted it! Seriously.” –Courney Waller

“Rivalry of Warlords!!! And Shi En.” –Manuel Ballesteros

“Not surprised too too much. Sams still have a very strong opening!” –Steffon Bizzell

“It was surprising, but I didn’t like that it made some players disregard the YCS as a fluke.” –Danny Santana

“I think it doesn’t matter much.” –Shane Seuring

“Surprising.” –Michael Klasel

“Wasn’t interested, wanted something new to win.” –Ivan O’Sick

“I think it is a well-deserved victory. Very very decent format and love that everyone was surprised.” –Jarel Winston

“Very surprised they did well.” –Brent Bicigo

“Think they are good but not worth running.” –Kenneth McCarthy

“I think that he went into the YCS prepared and just drew the right cards at the right time to beat his matchups. Plus Shi En is a pain.” –Cesar Gonzalez

“Bananas.” –Earl S. Boone

“It was my fault, I didn’t get to play him!” –Josh Graham

“Different meta and playing styles so anything was expected.” –Hector Heras

“It was interesting. I don’t think it was a fluke. A lot of this format is play a big monster and protect it.” –Jonny Nagel