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QQ: Which Battle Pack Card Are You Most Excited About?

February 18th, 2012

QQ stands for Quick Questions! There’s a lot of buzz about the upcoming Battle Pack and its use for Sealed Tournaments, so I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see which cards (that has been announced so far) they’re most excited about. Check out their answers!

“Tour Guide and Fiendish Chain.” –Aaron Robinson

“Tour Guide.” –Hector Heras

“Obviously Tour Guide From the Underworld being so hyped since released and cards like Fiendish Chain and Forbidden Lance that are starting to really see a lot more play.” –Jonny Nagel

“I’m pretty excited about all of the ones so far. It seems like a good concept.” –Dominique Roberts

“Tour Guide.” –Manuel Ballesteros

“The new rarity look for Gorz! My favorite monster!” –Steffon Bizzell

“Tour Guide from sure. I need my own playset. Fiendish Chain is great too.” –Danny Santana

Tour Guide From the Underworld.” –Shane Seuring

“Tour Guide.” –Michael Klasel

Tour Guide From the Underworld and Fiendish Chain.” –Ivan O’Sick

Fiendish Chain.” –Jarel Winston

“Tour Guide for sure. Adds way too much consistency.” –Brent Bicigo

“Tiras, Doomcaliber, and Tour Guide.” –Kenneth McCarthy

Fiendish Chain.” –Cesar Gonzalez

“Tour Guides.” –Earl S. Boone

Raigeki, Giant Soldier of Stone, and Wind-Up Soldier.” –Josh Graham