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Top 32 and Their Deck Types

February 4th, 2012

Here are the Top 32 Deck Types after today’s Swiss Rounds:

Rank Player Points Deck
1 Keys, Barrett Arthur  27 Wind-Up
2 Moncada Romo, Erick Damian  24 Wind-Up/Inzektor
3 Graham, Joshua Adam  24 Wind-Up
4 Elizondo Ochoa, Saul Hiram  24 Inzektors
5 Martinez Martinez, Mauricio Emmanuel  24 Scrap Stun
6 Tsang, Wilson H.  24 Wind-Up
7 Vazquez Herrera, Jonhathan Sebastian  24 Synchro Summon
8 Barrera Moreno, Diego  24 Dark World
9 Rios Gonzalez, Miguel Angel  24 Wind-Up
10 Valle Martinez, Bruno Svetco  22 Dino Rabbit
11 Gonzalez Rodriguez, Brandon  22 Six Samurai
12 Valdes Escobar, Christian Michel  22 Chaos
13 Gonzalez, Alberto Daniel  21 Wind-Up
14 Jimenez Reyes, Juan Pablo  21 Agent Fairies
15 Castaneda Regino, Jaime Alberto  21 Dino Rabbit
16 Errasquin Abdala, Julian  21 Wind-Up
17 Estrada Gonzalez, Christopher Alan  21 Gravekeepers
18 Salinas Damian, Julio Cesar  21 Tech Genus
19 Oliva Alvarez, Daniel  21 Dino Rabbit
20 Minero Jimenez, Ricardo  21 Six Samurai
21 Rabelero Anguiano, Oswaldo Alberto  21 Synchro Summon
22 Morales Alcaraz, Francisco Javier  21 Inzektors
23 Garcia Moreno, Alejandro  21 Wind-Up
24 Guerrero Martinez, David Alejandro  21 Inzektors
25 Armeria Zavala, Oscar  21 Six Samurai
26 Riveros Beltran, Julian Alfredo  21 Wind-Up
27 Romero Soto, Cristian Alexis  21 Inzektors
28 Ruiz Mendoza, Ricardo  21 Wind-Up
29 Gastelum Aramburo, Gabriel Alonso  21 Inzektors
30 Flores Covarrubias, Angel Zayren  21 Dino Rabbit
31 Vela Chavez, Francisco  21 Synchro Summon
32 Villanueva Quintana, Juan Manuel  21 Dino Rabbit

Who will be crowned first YCS Champion of 2012?  Which Deck will win?  Stay tuned tomorrow!

Top 32 one table

Top 32 other table

And for those other Duelists – come back tomorrow for some of the Public Events!  We’ve got Win-A-Mats, 16-player Regionals, Retro and Classic Drafts, Dawn of the Xyz Starter Deck Tournament (you don’t even need to build a Deck for this one!), Pegasus Challenge for the creative Deck-builders, 3 vs. 3, ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! (there’s a Gagaga Girl up for grabs), Dragon Duel and of course, the Public Event Playoffs for a Super Rare copy of Blood Mefist.  So we hope to see you back here tomorrow for some more Dueling action!