Top Tables Update: Round 6

February 18th, 2012

Five rounds have passed in the tournament, and the best Decks and Duelists have risen to the top tables. Take a look at who’s at the top 10 tables, and check out which Decks they’re running!

Table 1: Andre Trimm (Inzektors) vs. Serge Poinsette (Dino Rabbit)
Table 2: Alistar Albans (Dino Rabbit) vs. Edwin Olivera (Inzektors)
Table 3: Adrew Jeffries (HEROs) vs. James Chow (Chaos)
Table 4: Maurice Brantley (Windzektors) vs. Marquis Henderson (T.G.)
Table 5: Devere Traylor (Dino Rabbit) vs. Name Withheld (Wind-Ups)
Table 6: Riley Bennett (Wind-Up) vs. Junior Dorcin (Six Samurais)
Table 7: Kendrick Fuller (Karakuri) vs. Michael Lam (Dragons)
Table 8: Sean Turner (Dino Rabbit) vs. Billy Brake (Wind-Ups)
Table 9: Todd Michael (Inzektors) vs. Andrew Hung (T.G.)
Table 10: Raymond Torres (Dark World) vs. Tahmid Zaman (Inzektors)