Top Tables Update: Round 9

February 18th, 2012

We’ve finally made it to the last round of Day 1. Take a look at which Decks and Duelists are at the top tables in this final round.

Table 1: Roman Rodriguez (Dino Rabbit) vs. Branden Buck (T.G.)
Table 2: Camden Keener (Agent Chaos) vs. Nicholas Newberry (Inzektors)
Table 3: Kevin Petriella (Empty Jar) vs. Francisco Saldivar (Inzektors)
Table 4: Joseph Giorlando (Dino Rabbit) vs. John Oxendine (Wind-Ups)
Table 5: Name Withheld (Wind-Ups) vs. Marquis Henderson (T.G.)
Table 6: Anthony Pascariello (Wind-Ups) vs. Junior Dorcin (Six Samurai)
Table 7: Carl Waite (Gadgets) vs. Tyree Tinsley (Wind-Ups)
Table 8: Stanley Gasque (Wind-Ups) vs. Barrett Keys (Dino Rabbit)
Table 9: Alistar Albans (Rescue Rabbit) vs. Hector Heras (Inzektor Chaos)
Table 10: Paul Cooper (Rescue Rabbit) vs. James Chow (Chaos)