Welcome to Atlanta!

February 18th, 2012

The halls are filling, the judges are preparing, and no one quite knows what’s going to happen when YCS Atlanta kicks off! YCS Guadalajara shocked the Dueling world when Six Samurai, largely written off as dead and gone by the… more opinionated members of the fan community, took down Wind-Ups, Synchrocentric Decks, Inzektors, and Dino-Rabbit on its way to a victory in the first YCS of 2012. Have they got another win in them, or has the rest of the field had enough time to adapt? All the answers will be revealed by the end of the weekend!

UPDATE: Sources tell us that over 1300 Duelists are in today’s main event!
FURTHER UPDATE: The final count is 1325! There will be 9 rounds today!