YCS Atlanta First-Timers!

February 18th, 2012

This weekend marks the last YCS tournament under the September 2011 Forbidden & Limited List. But for many Duelists here, today is also a first! Take a look at some of the YCS first-timers that are entering their first-ever YCS here in Atlanta!

Michael Emigh, 11 years old, traveled here from Florida to attend his first YCS. He’s entering the main tournament this weekend, but also plans to play in the Dragon Duels later in the day. He’s looking forward to Dueling and meeting new people. Michael is counting on his Blackwing Deck to fly him through the weekend. He says he doesn’t have a favorite Blackwing, but when I asked him to hold one up for a photo, he chose Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame. Take a look at Michael holding it up!


Julian Yee is 9 years old and traveled here with Michael. Like Michael, he’s looking forward to Dueling and meeting new people this weekend. Julian is running a Warrior Deck featuring his favorite Warrior, Mysterious Puppeteer. (That was one of my favorite Warriors when it was released, before Julian was born!)  Even though the Mysterious Puppeteer is Julian’s favorite Warrior, when I asked him to hold up a card for his photo, he chose to show the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Check it out!


11-year-old Dakota Knox is running a Chain Burn Deck in today’s tournament. He drove here from Newnan, Georgia and is excited for the tournament experience. He’s in the main tournament, but he’ll also be playing in the Dragon Duels. “I just wanna get some practice in,” he told me. Dakota’s favorite card in his Deck is Metaion, the Timelord. Here’s a picture of him holding it up!


Dewayne Mason is 9 years old and traveled here from Mephis, Tennessee. He’s mostly looking forward to competing in the Dragon Duels. He’ll be using a Fairy Deck in the tournament, and even though his favorite Fairy is Master Hyperion, but he’s not running it in his Deck since he isn’t using Agents. Instead, Dewayne Mason uses Archlord Kristya as his Deck’s power-house. Take a look at Dewayne Mason holding up his Duel-winning monster!

12-year-old Chandler Browning is running an Exodia Deck in today’s tournament. He took a 1 hour drive from Athens, Georgia to arrive here. When I asked him what he’s looking forward to most this weekend, he replied, “Kicking everybody’s butts and taking the prize!” Chandler is going to play in the main tournament, Dragon Duels, and 3 vs. 3 tournament. Take a look at Chandler holding up a the card that he’s hoping will bring him to the top this weekend: Exodia the Forbidden One!


The tournament hall is packed with YCS first-timers, and any 1 of them may win this weekend. Follow the event coverage to see how the weekend unfolds!