An Experiment in Numbers

March 25th, 2012

Well, that was interesting.

Those of you following the coverage live will know that we DID put up the full standings of all the Duelists, listing how many wins for each. Even though over a thousand entrants have dropped from the event by this point, the remaining 3,000+ would still make it the largest tournament in history – even if all the people who dropped had never entered in the first place.

So… what happens when who-knows-how-many of you are spamming F5 to check out the standings of over 3 thousand Duelists?

It crashes the server, that’s what. :(


For the time being, we’ll have to leave standings be. Although once there’s a little more variety in the scores as more rounds go on (which also means the scores have greater meaning), we’ll put up a … smaller … selection of standings.