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Cranking Out Tokens with the Token Machine

March 24th, 2012

Now that the lines are finally slimmed down and the aisles are getting cleared, it’s time to fire up the Bus and take you for a tour of the tournament halls! While our record-breaking main event gets underway, we’ll make some pit stops to show you some of the side attractions and unique sights at this weekend’s YCS, right here in beautiful Long Beach, California! Hold on tight!

Here’s one of the coolest features here today: the always-popular “Token Machine” attraction! Duelists are lining up for the chance to appear on their very own Token Card. Many even get in line four times, to get a full playset of Tokens to use with cards like Scapegoat, striking different poses and choosing different backgrounds for each one. Lots of friends get their Tokens made together, too in a group shot – you can have a whole busload of Dueling pals on a single Token.

How does it work? Let’s ask the official Token Technicians to learn the steps!

Step 1 – Line up and wait! (Perhaps the most thrilling of the steps!)

Step 2 – Once you reach the front of the line, you’ll take up Tokening Position in front of a green screen.

Step 3 – Hold up your favorite card! Strike a dynamic pose! Work those runway skills. If you brought something green, throw it over your face or body to mess with the green screen technology! Not even Grapha could resist such fun.

Step 4 – Official Token Technician Connor will take your picture – your first step to immortality! (Paper lasts forever, right?)
Token Tech Connor

Step 5 – Choose your background! Here are the four backgrounds the soon-to-be-Tokenized Duelists can choose from, so you can pose with Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, or Yuma.

Step 6 – Token Technician Connor uses DUELING MAGIC (and a computer) to turn your photograph into a Token image. The green-screen image is replaced with the character background you selected!

Step 7 – Token Technician Sean spent years training at the House of Adhesive Tape, so it’s his job to print out your Token image and stick it to a fancy-lookin’ card back. The tokens are made two at a time, so they can be put into this…
Token Tech Sean

Step 7 – It’s a Tokennnn Puuuuunch! In Sean’s skilled hands, it turns pairs of rough Tokens into custom-cut Token Cards. Once your Token is punched, it’s yours to treasure forever! ♥♥♥

Cool, huh? Who wouldn’t want one!? That’s it for this leg of the tour, but don’t be a Tardy Orc: stick with us here on the Bus, because we’re going to be taking you all over the tournament here today!

California Love!

-Your Guide!