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Dragon Duel Round 3 Roundup – Sunday

March 26th, 2012

We’re almost halfway through with the Dragon Duels! Check out what happened at the top 4 tables in Round 3!


At Table 1, Lucas Chau defeated Zachary Leverett 2-0 in a Dino Rabbit Mirror Match!

In Duel 1, Leverett Set 2 cards to his back row and Summoned a Kabazauls on his first turn. He lost both of his back rows to Heavy Storm on Chau’s next turn, and Chau Summoned Rescue Rabbit and used its effect to Special Summon 2 copies of Sabersaurus. The 2 Sabersaurus attacked, destroying Kabazauls and dealing 1900 points of direct damage. Chau Xyz Summoned Evolzar Laggia and Set 2 cards to his back row in Main Phase 2. Leverett Summoned Tour Guide From the Underworld next turn and lost out to Effect Veiler. Chau Summoned Jurrac Guaiba next turn, and Leverett was forced to use Effect Veiler to negate its effect. Guaiba attacked over Tour Guide and Laggia attacked directly. Leverett conceded on his next turn, unable to take down Laggia.

In Duel 2, Leverett Summoned a Sabersaurus and Set 2 cards to his back row. But again, Chau used Heavy Storm again to destroy both back rows, and once again used a Rescue Rabbit to Summon Evolzar Laggia on his first turn. Leverett tried to come back by using Mind Control against Laggia, but Chau used Forbidden Lance to protect it. Leverett Set a Maxx “C” and a Fiendish Chain. Leverett flipped Fiendish Chain on Chau’s next turn, and Chau negated it with Laggia. Next, Chau Summoned Guaiba and Leverett used Veiler against it. Leverett used Dark Hole to clear the field on the next turn, and Summoned Rescue Rabbit, using its effect to Summon 2 Kabazauls and make Evolzar Laggia. Chau took 2400 points of damage from a direct attack, and Leverett had Chau on the ropes, Setting monsters to prevent damage. When Leverett Summoned a second Laggia, Chau used Snowman Eater to destroy the Laggia with 2 Xyz Materials and turn the Duel around. He was later able to use his own Rabbit’s effect once again in order to Xyz Summon Utopia and attack over Laggia, turning the Duel around.


At Table 2, Jesse Kotton used his Dino Rabbit Deck to defeat Christian Archbold’s Blackwing Deck 2-0!

In Duel 1, Kotton attacked Bora with Guaiba and used Forbidden Lance to get over it. He Xyz Summoned Evolzar Laggia, which negated Archbold’s Heavy Storm next turn. Archbold Summoned Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind and used its effect to halve the ATK and DEF of Laggia and destroy it, but Kotton turned the Duel back around to win.

In Duel 2, Archbold negated Kotton’s Tour Guide From the Underworld with Solemn Warning and Kotton Summoned a second Tour Guide to make a Number 30: Acid Golem that destroyed an Armed Wing. Archbold banished Vayu and Armed Wing from his Graveyard to Summon Blackwing Armor Master, then Special Summoned Gale to halve the ATK and DEF of Acid Golem and attack over it with Armor Master. Kotton’s Guaiba attacked Gale to Summon another Guaiba with its effect, and Kotton Summoned Number 39: Utopia by combining his 2 Guaibas. He Set Macro Cosmos and Solemn Warning before ending his turn. Kotton attacked directly with Sabersaurus a bit later to win the Duel!


At Table 3, Clay Hill used his Inzektor Deck to defeat Brian Ahle’s Dino Rabbit Deck 2-1!

In Duel 1, Hill Set a Fiendish Chain, Solemn Warning, and Sangan before ending his turn. Ahle Summoned Rescue Rabbit but lost it to Solemn Warning. Ahle used Effect Veilers to stop the Inzektor effects, but Hill’s Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning ended up winning him the Duel by running over Kabazauls and attacking directly. Black Luster ended the Duel on the following turn.

In Duel 2, Ahle opened up with Rescue Rabbit into Evolzar Dolkka with 3 back rows. Lance protected Dolkka from Smashing Ground and Hill couldn’t pull off any Inzektor effects against Ahle’s back rows and Dolkka.

In Duel 3, both Duelists stalled each other out, with Gozen Match stopping Ahle’s Deck, and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror stopping Hill’s Deck. Ahle eventually Summoned Evolzar Laggia by combining 2 Guaibas. After a slow few turns, Ahle used Dark Hole to clear the field and attack with Sabersaurus to bring Hill down to 150 Life Points. But Hill Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning to come back and wipe out Ahle’s remaining 300 Life Points!


At Table 4, Oliver Tomajko’s Dino Rabbit Deck defeated Benjamin Hoffner-Brodsky Chaos Stun Deck 2-1!

In Duel 1, Tomajko attacked Hoffner-Brodsky with Sabersaurus and Hoffner-Brodsky Special Summoned Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. Gorz won the Duel for Hoffner-Brodsky!

In Duel 2, Tomajko Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh first turn. Tragoedia attacked into Rai-Oh, and Tomajko used Chalice to bring Tragoedia down to 400 ATK. Tomajko used Starlight Road to stop a Torrential Tribute and won with Stardust Dragon still on the field.

In Duel 3, Tomajko turned the tables from Duel 1. This time, he used his Gorz to help win the Duel. After Gorz put him back in the game, Tomajko’s Avarice let him reuse a Rabbit to make Laggia. Hoffner-Brodsky returned Tomajko’s Rabbit to the Extra Deck with Penguin Soldier and almost mounted a come back; but Tomajko eventually Summoned Evolzar Dolkka and used its effect to stop a Battle Fader and finish the Match!


Lucas Chau, Jesse Kotton, Clay Hill, and Oliver Tomajko are advancing 3-0 in the tournament!