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QQ: Final Number of Participants?

March 24th, 2012

We plucked 13 Duelists out of the line to ask them some Quick Questions about today, yesterday, and tomorrow!

We’ll be sharing the results over the course of the weekend. If you ever attend a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event, you might also get chosen to answer some Quick Questions!

First up, we asked: What do you think the final number of participants will be for this event?

“About 4000-5000.” –Ulyseas Oslapas, Age 12

“At least 5000.” –Roberto Garcia, Age 19

“A lot.” –Gustauo Velasquez, Age 21

“Too much! 6000+.” –Michael Medrano, Age 20

“A lot.” –Rich, Age 24

“5500.” –Brian Ahle, Age 13

“7500.” –Oliver Tomajko, Age 11

“5500.” –Jack Hoyt, Age 14

“I don’t know.” –Kyle Yoshi, Age 17

“5000+” –Jonathan Albornoz, Age 20

“7k+” –Jesse Tellechea, Age 18

“5000.” –Kien Hua, Age 22

“5000+!” –Victor Ocampo, Age 22

“Over 4000.” –Willord Bryant, Age 19


What’s YOUR prediction? Be sure and settle on a number before we release the final total to the public.