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QQ: How Many YCS’s Have You Attended?

March 25th, 2012

At this weekend’s milestone 100th YCS event, I asked the Duelists who attended it how many YCS events they’ve attended. Check out their answers!

“This 100th is my second.” –Ulyseas Oslapas, Age 12

“2.” –Roberto Garcia, Age 19

“1.” –Gustauo Velasquez, Age 21

“This is my second.” –Michael Medrano, Age 20

“This is my first.” –Rich, Age 24

“13.” –Brian Ahle, Age 13

“8.” –Oliver Tomajko, Age 11

“11 YCSes. 16 if you count Nationals, WCQ, Extravaganza, and JUMP Festa.” –Jack Hoyt, Age 14

“My first.” –Kyle Yoshi, Age 17

“4.” –Jonathan Albornoz, Age 20

“1.” –Jesse Tellechea, Age 18

“First one.” –Kien Hua, Age 22

“One.” –Victor Ocampo, Age 22

“2.” –Willord Bryant, Age 19

So now we ask you… how many YCS’s have YOU attended? If the answer is “none” you should definitely attend the next time one comes near you. There’s fun and events galore to be had! You can always find the latest schedule of upcoming events HERE.