QQ: What’s Gonna Win?

March 25th, 2012

Our first Quick Question was how many players there would be.

The final answer was 4,364. So it looks like Ulyseas and Willord were right on the money.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how accurate everyone was with our second question:


Which Deck will emerge on top at the end of the weekend???

“Inzektors or Wind-Ups.” –Ulyseas Oslapas, Age 12

“DRAGONS!!” –Roberto Garcia, Age 19

“Not me.” –Gustauo Velasquez, Age 21

“My Deck – Gadgets.” –Michael Medrano, Age 20

“HEROes.” –Rich, Age 24

“HERO or Dino Rabbit.” –Brian Ahle, Age 13

“HERO beat.” –Oliver Tomajko, Age 11

“The Deck being played the most. Probably Dino Rabbit.” –Jack Hoyt, Age 14

“HEROES!!!” –Jonathan Albornoz, Age 20

“HEROes.” –Jesse Tellechea, Age 18

“Rabbit.” –Kien Hua, Age 22

“Me baby! Worms!” –Victor Ocampo, Age 22

“Inzektors or Gravekeeper’s.” –Willord Bryant, Age 19

Quite a variety of answers! Only time will tell, though.